🎨Brand Assets

The brand assets that the Lends team utilizes and encourages the community to adopt.

Lends Brand Policy

Correct use of our name

  • Our project is Lends, which is one word spelled with a capital L.

  • Our token is $LENDS

Branding Guidelines

You may use the Lends name and logo in your website or app as long as you adhere to the Lends branding guidelines.

  • Do not alter the Lends logo, and the logo is intended to be used as provided.

  • Do not combine the Lends logo with other images without consent.

  • Do not use the Lends brand that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement. For example, "we partner with Lends." without consent.

  • Do not use the Lends brand in conjunction with any illegal and unlawful activity, promotion, and product.



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