🤝P2P Lending

Lends Operating Model

Lends operates on a three-step model that prioritizes customization, security, and flexibility:

  1. 🏦 Lending Pool Creation

  2. 🔒 Collateral Contribution

  3. 💰 Repayment Period

For Lenders: Creating Your Lending Pool

As a lender on Lends, you're not just participating in the market – you're shaping it. Steps to Create Your Lending Pool:

  1. Define Your Terms: Set your interest rate, loan duration, and other parameters.

  2. Seed Your Pool: Allocate your chosen amount of lending capital.

  3. Launch Your Pool: Make your customized lending opportunity available to borrowers.

💡Pro Tip: Diversify your lending strategy by creating multiple pools with different terms to attract a wider range of borrowers.

For Borrowers: Securing Your Loan

Borrowing on Lends is straightforward and secure. How to Borrow:

  1. Browse Lending Pools: Find a pool that matches your needs.

  2. Contribute Collateral: Secure your loan by depositing collateral into the chosen pool.

  3. Receive Your Loan: Once your collateral is confirmed, your loan is issued.

🔑 Key Benefit: With Lends, you can borrow without fear of sudden liquidations, giving you peace of mind and financial stability.

The Repayment Journey

Lends offers a flexible repayment process that puts borrowers in control. Repayment Options: • Full Repayment: Return the entire loan amount plus interest to reclaim all your collateral. • Default: If you choose not to repay, you forfeit your collateral but keep the borrowed funds.

⚖️ Balance: Our partial repayment option allows you to manage your loan dynamically, adapting to your changing financial situation.

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