♻️THORFi Lending


Lends offers a revolutionary lending experience with:

  • 0% interest rates

  • No liquidations

  • No expiration dates

This is achieved through an innovative model based on overcollateralization and burning instead of interest accrual.

Key Benefits

  • Stress-free borrowing: No worrying about fluctuating rates, margin calls or repayment deadlines

  • Long crypto exposure: Go long on BTC and other assets without having to sell them

  • Supporting network growth: Attracts capital to boost Collateralization Ratio and system stability

How it Works

Loans are overcollateralized, with the difference in value between collateral and loan burnt as RUNE. This increases the ratio of collateral to debt over time, making the system more resilient.

Safety mechanisms like throttling and caps avoid overleveraging while allowing measured growth. As more RUNE is burnt, additional loans can be opened.

Lending Process

  1. User deposits native coins as collateral

  2. Debt issued in stablecoins based on collateral value and CR

  3. Loans can be held indefinitely or repaid any time

  4. Repayments burn debt and redeem collateral

With no liquidations, interest or expiration dates, Lends delivers the simplest and most flexible borrowing experience in DeFi. This encourages capital inflows while aligning network incentives for stability.

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