L-1 Streaming Swaps


Streaming Swaps on Lends allow for more efficient and cost-effective trading by breaking down large swaps into smaller sub-swaps over time. This enables better price execution through reduced slippage.

Instead of a single immediate swap, Streaming Swaps work by:

  1. Sending a single inbound transaction

  2. Dividing the swap into several sub-swaps

  3. Consolidating sub-swaps into one outbound transaction


  • Lower fees: Spreading swaps over time allows arbitrageurs to rebalance, leading to lower slippage and better pricing

  • Price optimization: Swaps are automatically divided enabling users to achieve optimal rates

  • Efficiency: One inbound/outbound transaction instead of multiple for each sub-swap. Saves network capacities.

How it Works

  • Price Optimized is the only swap option on Lends

  • Swap amount determines number of sub-swaps

  • Sub-swaps evenly distributed over 24 hours

  • Assets will be refunded if the minimum output price is not met for the first sub-swap

By taking a patient approach, Streaming Swaps unlock better pricing for users through automated optimization. This makes trading on Lends more efficient and cost-effective.

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