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Lending Out USD on Our Protocol: A Step-by-Step Tutorial


In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of lending out USDT on our P2P lending protocol. Our platform offers a user-friendly experience for both retail and institutional lenders, allowing you to earn competitive yields on your assets.


  1. Create a Lending Pool: ā€¢ Deposit USDT into your account on the platform. ā€¢ Set parameters like APR, LTV ratio, supported collateral tokens, and expiry date.

  2. Monitor Your Account: ā€¢ View your lent assets, open orders, and counterparties on your account page. ā€¢ Manage your loans and adjust parameters as needed.

Use cases:

  1. Treasury Activation: ā€¢ Transform idle assets into revenue-generating instruments.

  2. Customizable Terms: ā€¢ Set your own rates, durations, and collateral requirements.

  3. Predictable Returns: ā€¢ Know exactly when and how much you'll earn.

  4. Potential Buyback Mechanism: ā€¢ Defaults can serve as a token buyback strategy.

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