Product Roadmap

Our roadmap is a guide to what we will be working on and researching in each quarter.
Note: Please note that these are not exact delivery or deployment dates.

Our Future Plans 🗺️

2023 Q3 (September - October)
  • Conduct Private Alpha Testing to ensure a smooth and secure user experience
  • Integrate with Arbitrum Mainnet to provide faster and cheaper transactions
  • Launch extensive marketing campaign to create awareness
  • Perform smart contract audit and security review to ensure the safety of our users
2023 Q4 (November)
  • Launch Public Alpha version for users to test and provide feedback
  • Develop Lends APIs and SDKs to allow for seamless integration with other platforms
  • Integrate with Polygon zkEVM to expand our market reach
  • Hold Token Generation Event (TGE) to provide opportunities for community members to invest in our project
2023 Q4 (December)
  • Integrate with additional DeFi protocols and networks to provide more options to our users
  • Expand loan offerings to provide more flexible collateral options to our users
  • Launch off-chain liquidity pools to provide more liquidity options to our users
2024 (Long-term)
  • Establish strategic partnerships with leading lending institutions to broaden our reach
  • Onboard first institutional clients to boost our credibility in the market
  • Launch Lends Mobile App to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for our users.