Product Roadmap

Our roadmap is a guide to what we will be working on and researching in each quarter.
Note: Please note that these are not exact delivery or deployment dates.

Our Future Plans 🗺️

Q1 '24 ( January - March )
  • Launch Marketing Campaign: Creating awareness about Lends Protocol.
  • Token Generation Event (TGE): Offering investment opportunities to our community.
  • Brand New Interface: Enhancing user experience with a refreshed interface.
  • Integration with THORChain liquidity: Adding liquidity options for users.
  • THORNames Functionality: Simplifying and humanizing wallet addresses across multiple blockchains.
Q2 '24 ( April - June )
  • Markets Overview: Offering a quick glance at all available offerings.
  • Dashboard Feature: Enabling users to check all their positions in one place
  • Integrate with Arbitrum Mainnet: Providing faster and cheaper transactions.
  • Perform Smart Contract Audit and Security Review: Ensuring the safety of our users.
Post-Q2 '24
  • P2P Lending Introduction: Expanding services to include peer-to-peer lending.
  • Establish Strategic Partnerships: Broadening our reach with leading lending institutions.
  • Future Tooling: Continuously improving and adding new features..