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LENDS serves as the intrinsic and interchangeable token for the LendsFi protocol.

It functions as a transferable representation of the utility features outlined within the LendsFi protocol and code, with its exclusive purpose being to operate as an interoperable utility token.

LENDS allocation

Further information on the LENDS token

It is crucial to acknowledge that LENDS does not signify any ownership, involvement, entitlement, claim, or stake in the protocol, the Distributor, their associated partners, or any other corporation, venture, or project.

LENDS does not grant token holders any assurances regarding fees, dividends, revenue, profits, or investment returns. Furthermore, it is not intended to be considered a security in any applicable jurisdiction.

The usage of LENDS is confined solely to the LendsFi platform, and possessing it confers no explicit or implicit privileges except for the ability to utilize LENDS as a medium to facilitate usage and interaction within the LendsFi protocol. Additionally, the secondary market pricing of LENDS is not influenced by the actions of the LendsFi team, and no token features or schemes exist that aim to regulate or manipulate such pricing in any way.

Essentially, LENDS is intended to stimulate engagement within the ecosystem, implying that users must actively participate in order to receive rewards in the form of LENDS and other digital assets.

LENDS Vesting

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