💹Key Features

Unwavering Rates

🔒 Rock-Solid Stability

Borrowers and lenders enjoy the comfort of unchanging rates throughout the loan term. No more sleepless nights worrying about fluctuating payments or returns.

💼 Lender Flexibility

While existing loans remain untouched, lenders can adjust rates for new borrowers to stay competitive.

Real-World Example

Imagine borrowing 1,000 USDC at a 1% monthly rate. Your interest cost? A straightforward $10. Simple, predictable, stress-free.

Liquidation-Free Zone

🛡️ Borrower's Choice

Say goodbye to forced liquidations. Here, borrowers are in control. Choose to repay and reclaim your collateral, or default and keep your loan.

🌊 Market Resilience

Our unique approach helps stabilize token value during market downturns, benefiting the entire ecosystem.

Precision Timing

⏰ Crystal Clear Deadlines

Both parties know exactly when repayment is due. No guesswork, no surprises.

🔄 Perpetual Possibilities

Lenders can offer multiple term options, opening the door to loan rollovers and extended borrowing periods.


A lender offers terms ending February 28th and March 31st. Borrowers can seamlessly transition between terms, extending their loan with ease.

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